Global Convertible Properties

The CONVERTINVEST Global Convertible Properties strategy lets investors participate in the long-term trend in the property market's value, with the defensive features of a convertible bond.

The advantages of investing in property sector convertible bonds are

• daily liquidity
• broad, global diversification
• lower volatility than a property share fund

We have succeeded in winning an internationally recognised property market expert, FERI EuroRating, as a partner for the strategy, which will analyse and value in detail all the relevant property markets and some 150 agglomerations.

The three-stage investment process consists of determining the financially stable companies based on balance sheet, liquidity and profitability statistics. The individual companies' property portfolios are then analysed and assessed for their attractiveness. Only then is a convertible bond portfolio set up which combines the expertise of FERI EuroRating and CONVERTINVEST. (to the funds...)


Investors in the “REAL ESTATE CONVERTIBLE BOND Strategy” value continuous participation in the best global real estate markets’ performance, combined with broad diversification and the defensive features of a convertible bond.

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