Nils Lesser
Dipl.-Bw. Nils Lesser, CEFA
Director Portfoliomanagement

Closer contact with companies is extremely important for our fundamental analysis

I’ve been a member of the CONVERTINVEST team since 2007 and a member of the Board of Management since 2012. I am able to contribute specific know-how and superb relationships in the mid-cap enterprise segment to the CONVERTINVEST portfolio management team as a result of my 10 years’ experience as an analyst. In-depth contact with companies is an important prerequisite for the fundamental direction of our funds.

Because they are complex and have great potential, convertible bonds open up a wide range of possibilities. I’m proud to lead a team of specialists with a strong team spirit.

Adriana Balu
Mag. Adriana Degeorgi, CEFA
Risk Manager

Precision is a must

Risk management is an integral internal part of the investment process. Based on suitable reporting our systems identify, measure, quantify, limit and report on all relevant risks.

Within the Portfolio Management team I am responsible for preparing quantitative analyses specific to convertible bonds, which help to optimise the portfolio. I am also responsible for continuously monitoring and optimising at portfolio level the internal guidelines which exceed statutory requirements, and for carrying out pre-trade adequacy checks.

Philipp Fischer
Philipp Fischer, MSc
Junior Portfolio Manager

There are often surprisingly simple answers to complex questions

I’ve been a member of the CONVERTINVEST team since 2015. Being a young graduate I contribute a more theoretical, alternative point of view.

As part of the Portfolio Management team I calculate and assess the impact of the various factors which influence portfolios. I pay particular attention to convertible bond-specific and/or quantitative analysis. In the process I create and manage models which depict complex content in a clear way.

Horst Simbuerger2
Horst Simbürger, MSc, CEFA
Managing Director

In the long term, fundamental developments are the most influential factors

I can look back to over 25 years of experience in the financial industry, first as an analyst and for the last 20 years as a fund manager. My main focus is on European companies. My work is characterised by intensive fundamental analysis, direct business contacts and an eye on macro-economic factors – qualities which enable me to contribute to the positive development of CONVERTINVEST funds.

Convertible bonds are extremely exciting investment instruments, offering investors an attractive pay-out profile with numerous benefits compared with pure share or bond portfolios. I am pleased to be part of this motivated and highly specialised team.