Gerhard Kratochwil
Dr. Gerhard Kratochwil
Managing Director/ CEO

Decades of experience and success show that both we and our investors are on the right path

The satisfaction of our institutional investors and the achievement of long-term above-average returns are the driving factors. Only in this way can we have long-term relations built on satisfaction.

In CONVERTINVEST, you, the investor, have an expert partner in the realm of international convertible bonds. Decades of experience in this area of investment have convinced me that it is necessary to forge your own path in order to turn the "best of convertibles" into a reality.

Horst Simbuerger2
Horst Simbürger, MSc, CEFA
Managing Director

Expertise and experience

We have an important aim at CONVERTINVEST: Using our outstanding expertise, we want to give our customers sustainable added value.

Convertibles are complex instruments. But as in so many cases, this is precisely why they are so attractive to professionals as an asset class – partly because of their specific pay-out profile, but also because of their regulatory benefits. CONVERTINVEST is among the pioneers in the asset class of convertibles and has been demonstrating the positive qualities of convertibles in asset allocation for over 15 years now. This quality claim will continue to motivate us in the future.