European Convertible & Bond

Convertinvest’s strategy, established in 2002, combines the conservative features of investment grade convertible bonds with the diverse opportunities offered by fundamental securities selection.


The strategy’s direction is based on thorough, quantitative analysis of the markets and a resulting target delta at portfolio level. Capital preservation also plays an important part in the management process.


The next stage in identifying individual securities is a detailed, fundamental review of the companies, the majority of which are based in Europe and which are investment grade quality.

The process is completed by way of a precise analysis of the convertible bond terms, a quantitative assessment, as well as an assessment of the condition of the overall convertible-bond market.


The risk management process includes constant monitoring of the individual parameters and the risk budget on a daily basis, with the aim of achieving asymmetric price behaviour with below-average volatility.


Numerous international awards are testament to the success of the investment strategy, which has made us a pioneer in the field of conservative convertible bond management. (to the awards...)


Investors in the “EUROPEAN CONVERTIBLE & BOND Strategy”strive for performance in the global investment grade convertible bond market (Thomson Reuters Global Focus Investment Grade Euro hedged Convertible Index), with low volatility and fewer drawdowns.

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